Cookie Whips for WonderMix

Cookie Whips

You won’t want to make cookies without the WonderMix Cookie Whip Attachments! The optional Cookie Whip Attachments are the perfect choice for making cookies. They are designed for mixing stiffer doughs such as single batches of sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal cookies. They also work well for mixing thick batters such as quick breads. They are very simple to assemble and use. Simply snap the Cookie Whip Attachments onto the stems of the whip drive assembly, place the whip drive over the drive shaft, twist into place and you are ready to mix!

Cookie Whip Attachment Features:

  • Strong construction and assembly
  • Ability to mix stiff, single batch cookie doughs
  • Great for mixing thick batters
  • BPA free
  • 1 year Warranty on Manufacturing Defects
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to use
  • Simple assembly

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