WonderMix FAQ’s

What is the Warranty on the WonderMix?
Answer: The WonderMix has a Lifetime Limited Warranty that covers everything parts and labor for 1 year and the Motor and Transmission for 3 years on parts.and Life time on many other parts. click here to see the full warranty detail.

What is the Max power rating?
Answer: The Wondermix is rated at a max of 900 watts at load.

Are the Mixing Bowl and the Blender Bowl BPA Free?
Answer: Yes both are BPA free

What is the Mixer Bowl Capacity?
Answer: It holds 22 cups of flour.

How many loaves of bread can the WonderMix Mix at a time?
Answer: From 1- 6 large loaves of bread at a time.

What is the Blender Bowl Capacity?
Answer: It has a 7 cup capacity

What optional attachments are available for the WonderMix?
Answer: The WonderMix has 4 amazing German Made Attachments that will make your WonderMix the Most versatile mixer you have ever used. They include a Continuous Slicer Shredder with 3 drums. A Meat Grinder. A Grain Mill, a Flaker Mill. Also the Blender and Cookie Whips are usually optional.

Where are the attachments made?
Answer: They are made in Germany

Are there belts to replace?
Answer: No never, the Wondermix uses a high torque no belt geared Transmission with a long history of durability.

Will the mixer walk around the counter during mixing like some mixers do?
Answer: Because of its extreme High torque Transmission and its balance, the WonderMix will not walk off the Counter like many of the Belt driven mixers on the Market.

Are there Gaskets to replace in the Blender and will it leak into the mixer drive?
Answer: The WonderMix Blender is a one piece High Quality Blender like you find on the Blenders in Smoothie shops all over the World. You never need to worry about the Blender leaking. And there are no gaskets to harden

If it ever becomes necessary, how do I get Warranty service on my WonderMix Mixer?
Answer: Simply click on this link and fill out the Warranty form and we will take care of you.

How long is the cord?
Answer: Up to 5 feet long but you can pull out as much cord as you need and the rest stays inside the cord

What is the Foot Print of the WonderMix Mixer?
Answer: It is 13 inches wide, 9 inches deep and 12 inches tall storage.

Are the Cookie Whips Warrantied?
Answer: Yes the Cookie Whips have a one year warranty simply send your complete Name and Address, The Broken Cookie whip(s), and a check payable to Brownwick for $3.95 to cover shipping and handling to: WonderMix, 322 West Griffith Road, Pocatello, Idaho, 83201

How long does it take to develop the Gluten in a batch of 100% whole wheat bread in the Wondermix?
Answer: under Normal Conditions it takes between 4-6 minutes.

Can I mix any recipe that I have used in the past in other mixers in my WonderMix?
Answer: Yes you can and it will more than likely do a better Job.

Are there any instructional videos available?
Answer: Yes click on this link Videos and you will find some great video instruction.

Can I download the Owners-Manual?
Answer: yes click this link to do it Owners-Manual