Grain Flaker Attachment

Grain Flaker Attachment

Flaking your own grains has never been easier! The optional WonderMix Grain Flaker Attachment is an easy-to-use and super versatile tool that you won’t want to go without!

Operation of the Flaker Attachment is as simple as pouring the oat groats (or other grains) into the hopper and turning the machine on. Within seconds, flaked grains will drop out of the bottom of the Flaker. After use, you can easily remove the front half of the Flaker Attachment to clean and inspect it.

Although the Flaker Attachment can be used with a variety of grains, it always works best with softer grains. Many customers are interested in turning oat groats into oatmeal. The oats that result from using the Flaker Attachment come out fresher, thicker and chewier than the commercial, store bought oats.

In addition to oat groats, wheat can also be flaked. Again, the softer the wheat the better. Hard wheat can be used, however it will break apart more than it will flake.

An easy tip for softening your hard wheat is to soak it in a little water for 10-12 hours before trying to flake it. Simply mix about 1 teaspoon of water with 1 cup of wheat in a jar. Make sure to tighten the lid. Briskly shake to make sure that all of the grain has been dampened. Drain out any additional water. Let sit for 10-12 hours. 

**Note: you will never want to run anything wet or damp through the Flaker Attachment. After flaking wheat that you have softened with the soaking procedure, be sure to open up the flaker and check that the roller device is clean. If damp residue is left on the roller, it will corrode over time, which will not be covered under the warranty.

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